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1. Website administrator

The website administrator for arnolds.fi is Hermen Oy, Finnish y-tunnus 0864440-9. The company is registered in Finland at Annankatu 22 A 1, 00100 Helsinki.

2. Trademarks and copyright

Wordmark ARNOLD’S (registration number 107203) and logos ARNOLD’S DONUTS, ARNOLD’S and ARNOLDS (registration numbers 127357, 136936, 212577 and 225217 as well as corporation marks 002559201 and 000719500) are trademarks registered and owned by Hermen Oy.
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3. User rights to materials submitted through website

Should Hermen Oy receive any copyright protected material on the website through a competition or other activity, the copyright remains with the website user.
However, by submitting copyright protected material on the website, the website user confirms to be the holder of the copyright of the protected material and that the website user has a legal right to submit protected material to Hermen Oy, according to the above-mentioned terms.
The website user agrees to a worldwide, royalty-free user rights to Hermen Oy for these materials, to produce and publish the content for public use. The agreed user rights contain the right to transfer the user right to a third party and to modify the material.

4. Limitations of responsibility

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