The Arnolds story

The time was October 1991 and the place was a seaside city in Southern Finland. The first Arnolds opened its doors and thus became the first Finnish American-style café and bakery. 30 years have passed.

The first Arnolds franchise opened in 1992. Now, 30 years later, our cafés are found across the country from Helsinki to Oulu – some 30 in all.

Each of our cafés is run by an independent franchisee. The longest-serving franchisees have been with us for almost twenty years and are now passing the torch to their children who are stepping in to run their businesses.

Growing product range

The menu at Arnolds has expanded a lot over the years. Bagels, smoothies and many other American-style goodies have arrived to boost our product range, along with our amazing speciality coffees. With every addition to the menu we have stayed true to our commitment to serve only products that taste amazing.

Since the beginning we’ve made it clear that high-quality products and good service go above all else. All our treats are made daily using our traditional recipes and the best ingredients. We’ve also been praised for our fast, friendly service, something we’re particularly proud of.

The future

What’s next? Arnolds has already been proven to be one of the best known coffee shop chains in Finland. We’ve also won two Franchising Chain of the Year awards in 1999 and 2011. It looks like we’ll see more of Arnolds outside Finland in future, too, to add to our first international coffee shop in Tokyo, which opened in 2013.